What is Long Covid?

The NICE definition of Long Covid is, “signs and symptoms that develop during or after infection consistent with COVID-19, continue for more than 12 weeks, and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis.”

At the time of recording in March 2023, 1.8 million people in the UK are estimated to have Long Covid, and Long Covid symptoms are adversely affecting the day-to-day activities of 1.5 million people.

There are more than 200 symptoms associated with Long Covid, which may include respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological and dermatological issues. People also report mental health issues; predominately depression and anxiety. 

Everyone's experience of Long Covid will be different but fatigue, breathlessness and problems with memory, concentration and other mental functions are very common.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Long Covid Service has produced a series of films to help manage symptoms of fatigue and feelings of breathlessness, following an infection with COVID-19. We hope that you find them useful. 


Film 1.1 – Introduction to Fatigue

Welcome to this series of films which have been produced by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Long Covid Service to help you manage symptoms of fatigue, following infection with COVID 19.  

These films replicate what we present at our fatigue workshops. You may find them a helpful reminder, alternatively this may be your first encounter with the service. You are very welcome. 

We have kept these films as short as possible, in case you have reduced energy levels and cognitive impairment (also known as brain fog). Sit or lie comfortably while watching them. If you have severe energy limitation, you may prefer to listen with your eyes closed. We will alert you if there is a graphic that we’d particularly like you to see. 

For the first time viewing these films, we suggest that you watch them in order. After that, feel free to come back to re-watch whichever ones you’d like to refer back to.


Film 1.2 – Fatigue Workshop, Rest and Restoration (Relaxation)

In this film we look at the importance of rest and relaxation. Learning to relax and rest properly is a skill. It takes time and practise, so don’t give up if you find it difficult! Rest and relaxation are essential parts of your recovery. Try to learn to allow yourself to rest when you need to. Whenever possible avoid pushing through when you start feeling more exhausted.


Film 1.3 Fatigue Workshop, A Pacing Approach

In this film we look at using a pacing approach to try to manage our activity levels differently, prioritising activities so we don’t overdo it and become fatigued, and how using a fatigue and activity diary can help us.


Film 1.4 Fatigue Workshop, Living With App

If you are under the care of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Long Covid Service you will have been invited to register with the ‘Living With App’ which we discuss in this film. This App has been specifically designed for people living with Long Covid. 


Film 1.5 Fatigue Workshop, Passive Progressive Relaxation

In this film we demonstrate a relaxation exercise you might find useful during rest periods. 


Film 2.1 Fatigue Workshop, Setting a Sustainable Baseline 

These short films have been put together to help you learn about the principles of fatigue management and how to apply them to your own life by establishing sustainable levels of activity.

Film 2.2 Fatigue Workshop, Sleep and Long COVID

It is common for people with Long Covid to have difficulties with the quantity and quality of sleep that they get. We cover the importance of sleep for your recovery and invaluable advice for establishing good sleep habits in this film.


Film 2.3 Fatigue Workshop, Brain Fog

Thinking difficulties or brain fog are common symptoms associated with Long Covid and Post Viral Fatigue. This film will help you understand what Brain Fog is, the possible causes and ways to manage it.


Film 2.4 Fatigue Workshop, Eating and Drinking 

This film will help you to become more aware of the importance of eating the right foods to support your body and give you the best chance of moving into the healing phase following Long Covid.


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